Upcoming Workshops

Save hundred of Dollars
Regular 3 hour Priviate Sessions for Business Leaders or Lifestyle $375.00
SAVE on Summer Special 3 hour workshop $79.00 includes lunch
Save even more bring a friend, coworker, partner, business owners
Regular for two $750.00…SPECIAL for two $129.00
Attend and you can expect 10 Times in return
Learn how to:
  •  achieve your goals and objectives
  •  increase your sales and profit
  •  benefit from strategic planning
  •  reduce stress
  •  enjoy life
  •  Discover Your Brain/Mind is waiting to guide you to a fuller life
Where:  University Center Club
When: Thursday, June 27th….11am to 2pm
MUST RSVP… 850 566 2447


We solve problems and provide solutions for small companies and individuals.

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