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Black Swan

We selected the Black Swan as our logo because it serves as a constant reminder that we should always be thinking about the unexpected in our lives. Swans for many centuries were believed their only color was White. That is, until the discovery of Australia and the sighting of the first “Black Swan” This sighting sent shock waves and trembles throughout the civilized world. It was the beginning of “What if” phenomena era. A culture shock that resonated initially in the science world.

Today shocks occur in different forms and it will manifest itself and evolve forever, in our complex technological society and lifestyle. Our goal is to “Coach” and develop personal solutions to meet your challenges. When you recognize there must be a better way to enjoy family, friends, business and enjoy your personal lifestyle. It’s the time to call “The Coach.”


What do we do?

We specialize in providing practical solutions to your problems.  Examples: Strategic planning, sales training, marketing, digital marketing, teambuilding and other critical areas.

Business Planning/Strategic Planning

We coach you on how to run your business effectively to maximize your potential. With strategic planning, we help you set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that your employees are working together toward common goals.

Comprehensive Payroll Service

Our comprehensive payroll service includes but not limited to the following services: Payroll, all payroll tax related reporting and payments.  We can collect premiums and process payment to your benefit providers. We guarantee to file the reports accurately and timely on your behalf, or we pay the penalty fees. You’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Web and Video Marketing

Platforms such as YouTube and Google provide a efficient way to promote your business to a diverse demographic. Furthermore, we can pinpoint particular age range, gender, parental status, and household income of potential clients. We also provide graphic design and video production services to create custom advertisement tailored to your needs that can be viewed on TV, YouTube, Google and other platforms.

Brand Creation

A brand is the experience of a customer that makes a particular an organization or product different from its rivals in the eyes of the constumer. We create logos, websites, stationary etc. for you to develop a brand that resonates with you and your consumers. A strong brand not only increases your ability to stand out in your market but also develops loyal customers.


We create and manage advertising campaigns specific to your marketing goals; which can reach potential clients on platforms such as: video streaming websites (such as YouTube), internet browsers (such as Google), television channels and radio stations. Essentially, both of these platforms are the basis for digital marketing, the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, and can generate a lot of business for your company.

Social Media Marketing

We create and manage your public social media identities to expand your outreach to potential customers.

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